Offshoring – how does it work?

Let’s talk about details.

Let us explain how offshoring works with Rockware

Our ultimate goal is to make offshoring with us a successful experience for you. That is why we analyze the business model and requirements for our customers in a first step before we then deal with hiring the right people. Our approach to this is as follows:

We analyze your product

Is it a service? Or are real goods produced? For which market are these goods intended? Are they perishable? In what time frame do the goods need to arrive at their destination?
All these questions need to be answered so that we can decide whether offshoring in Jordan is even possible in your case. What is usually completely problem-free for technical services can be quite a challenge for goods that need to get to the customer quickly.

We discuss your requirements and working model

To work with an offshore team, you need established systems and processes that support this type of ‘remote’ work.

Here are some points that are often indispensable from our experience:

  • Access to cloud-based systems and tools (CRM, time tracking, project documentation) so that they can be used from Jordan.
  • Well-documented processes.
  • Well-structured ramp up and induction phase.
  • Are tasks allowed to be carried out offshore and online?

If you do not fully meet the above criteria, your company may not be in a position to work with outsourcing at this stage. This does not mean that outsourcing is not a solution for you, only that you may need to do some preliminary work to make your business offshore-ready. We will be happy to advise you and discuss with you how to get started.

If you answered yes to all of these questions, offshoring could be the solution for you and it’s time to start discussions with one of our Business Development Managers. In these conversations, we will ask you about your offshore team, IT and infrastructure requirements, as these factors will be critical to getting started.

We will work out the answers to the following questions with you:

  • Who will the offshore team members report to in your organisation?
  • How will communication be managed?
  • Will onshore and offshore teams work together?
  • What software and hardware will be needed?
  • How large should the offshore team be?
  • What roles should be filled within the team?

Based on these answers, we can begin to tailor our solutions to your company’s needs and develop the team’s job descriptions.

This covers topics such as day-to-day business, organisational requirements, KPIs, required skills and system knowledge, experience levels and more.

Based on this data, we create candidate profiles and provide a transparent and complete cost estimate for your offshore team.

We hire the right people for your offshore team

With the help of the previously created job descriptions, we are able to hire the right people for the vacancies if we do not have the skills we are looking for available in our workforce.
Through our cooperation with the German Jordanian University, the Amman Chamber of Commerce and other partly governmental bodies, we are able to find suitable candidates on the local market and in our database. We then present our shortlist to you so that you can select the employees who best fit your company. Of course, we allow you to test the candidates in interviews.

Once you have selected the right people for your team, we set them up in Amman. In the process, you have the option of providing IT infrastructure in case there are certain security guidelines that need to be followed that require the hardware and software to be maintained by your own IT. However, we are also happy to equip the teams and provide our own infrastructure.

We approach this with maximum flexibility so that we can meet your specific requirements.

In summary, your new team can start work within a few weeks of being commissioned.

We take care of your team

Sobald wir Ihr Team eingerichtet haben, beginnen wir mit dem Ramp Up. Dazu gehören auch die Einarbeitung in Prozesse und Abläufe und die Vermittlung der Unternehmenskultur. Selbstverständlich ist auch eine Einarbeitung der Teammitglieder mit Schlüsselfunktionen bei Ihnen vor Ort möglich. Oder – falls Sie diese Variante bevorzugen – Sie schicken ein kleines Team nach Jordanien. Aus unserer Erfahrung erleichtert jede Art von persönlichen Treffen die Integration in das Gesamtgefüge.

Dann sind wir endlich soweit, dass das Team mit der Arbeit beginnen kann.
Wir unterstützen Ihr Offshore-Team auf operativer Ebene und prüfen laufend die Qualität der Arbeit und die Einhaltung der eingeführten Prozesse.