Offshore in Jordan – German engineering meets Jordanian spirit

Why Jordan?

Our Experience

Customers (7 DAX-listed companies) from Europe and the US
Projects across multiple industries
0 mil+
End Customers

Why Rock with us?

Access to Research, Graduates and Interns

European Business Standards

15 Years of international Experience

We operate in both Germany and Jordan

Offshore in Jordan with Rockware

What do we offer?

We all know how challenging it is to staff new teams or sometimes even to find one single good fit for a job. But does it have to be this way? Of course not.

Rockware has access to several hundred skilled professionals that are eager to work. Our list of skills is huge: Engineering, IT, project management – you name it, we have it. All of our Jordanian employees and candidates are fluent in English and some of them also speak German.
So go offshore with us and grow fast and easy.

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